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Division of Mine Permits

The Division of Mine Permits is responsible for assessing the impact of an applicant’s proposed operation on the environment. A Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment (CHIA) is conducted for each application. The data is organized by the watershed’s Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC), which is used to identify the unique watershed. The data may include surface water quality, benthic information, groundwater quality, water quality violations, pollutant discharge elimination information, mine history and information regarding pending mines.

The files are organized by their HUC 12 watershed and are available for download. There are several ways to obtain the HUC 12 number: 

  • Follow "quick links" on the right to utilize maps to obtain the code number. You may also download the data files from the Kentucky Surface Mining Viewer from a hotlink within the DMP HUC 12 table. Note: Data Packages will be available for only those watersheds in which mine applications are submitted. For a detailed description of the files contained in the Data Packages click here.

Each Watershed Characterization Data Package contains a Water Quality Results Viewer. This is a forms-driven Microsoft Access application designed to enable the viewer to easily view, filter, sort, graph and export groundwater and surface water quality sample results data. Download a PowerPoint presentation on how to use this viewer here 


It has come to the attention of the GIS Section that the graphs created by the 'Make a Graph' button on the Microsoft Access Watershed Viewer Application is creating line graphs with incorrect Y axis (results) values. This viewer is provided with most watershed dataset packages. We would recommend that users refrain from using this feature.  As a workaround, we recommend using the 'Export to Excel' button to export the data that you want to graph, then viewing that data within the Excel application and using the Excel graphing engine to create graphs to your own specifications. The Excel graphing engine is much more robust than the graphing engine provided in Access and offers more functionality and customization. The 'Export to Excel' button will only export whatever data is shown in the viewer’s list box at the time that the button is activated, so users can drill down as far into the data as they wish to get only the data they desire for graphing in Excel.

Beginning Nov. 3, 2011, the 'Create Graph' button is being removed from the application as we go through our 90-day data update cycle.  We regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused and are correcting the situation.